Top 5 Ways To Get Your Sex Life Back On Track

Sex is the one word that evokes all kinds of emotions and reactions in adults. Love, anxiety, longing, tenderness and disappointment are all reactions that go with this term. Unfortunately, many couples today are in a sexual rut and do not seem to enjoy sex as much as they used to. For any couple finding the rut has turned into a ditch, this guide will highlight some of the best ways to help improve your sex lives.

Talk to Your Partner

Many couples cannot talk openly about sex. When they are hurt or experience sex related problems, all they do is halt any form of communication regarding the matter and ignore the issue. Talking to your partner helps you have better sex in two ways. First, communicating creates a stronger emotional bond; it also makes it possible for your partner to tell you what they really want in bed. Therefore, find time to talk to your partner and avoid being too critical. Above all, be honest.

Try New Things

Couples fall into a rut when sex becomes more of a routine. By trying out new things both inside and outside the bedroom, you can actually reignite your sex life. Simple ideas like changing the time when you have sex, role play and even trying new sex positions can do wonders for a couple. The small changes in the bedroom strengthen your bond and also make your partner appreciate what you can do for them to enjoy sex, leading to mind-blowing sex!

Good Health Is Crucial

Your mental, physical and emotional health all determine how your sex life turns out. Exercising improves sexual functioning, and the results are even better if you do it as a team. Remember, arousal depends on good blood flow and through exercise, you can be guaranteed of that. Other than just physical activities, cut down on smoking and alcohol and eat well. If the body is well, then your sexual life will also be more than well.

Do Not Ignore Sexual Issues

Just because you are suffering from erectile dysfunction does not mean that you cannot enjoy sex. Avoiding such problems only fosters inhibitions. Face these sexual problems head-on with your partner. Things such as lubrication determine how enjoyable the sex will be and suffering alone makes you resent sex. By tackling these issues, you will overcome the rut and it also helps your partner understand you.

Bring in the Fun

Bringing fun into your sex life can actually reignite the spark and help you enjoy it. No matter the time you have been together, there are fun activities that both of you can enjoy and thus help you bring the romance back into your lives. Think about being sensual, adventurous and creative. Some of the activities for this include watching an erotic film together, having a candlelit dinner or a sensual massage at home.

Sex is an important part of many successful marriages. With just a few simple modifications to your day-to-day routine you can get your relationship and sex life back on track.

10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Toys are a great way to spice up your love life, but they can also help with problems such as sustaining erection or lack of clitoral stimulation, thereby turning an okay sexual encounter into a WOW! sexual encounter. Here’s a list of ten toys that can help with your pleasure, whether you’re alone or with a partner.


The We Vibe, with its sinuous design, was made to enhance clitoral stimulation during intercourse. It fits over the top of the vagina, with one end in and one end out, to provide both internal and external stimulation. It includes a charging base/storage unit as well as a remote control so that the vibrations can be controlled by either partner.


With a harness that straps over legs and waist, the dolphin is designed for maximum clitoral stimulation and minimum interference with intercourse.


Designed to fit snugly over a penis or vibrator, this ring has two vibrating “bullets” that can be positioned to either stimulate the clitoris and anus, or vibrate on the sides of the vagina for maximum stimulation for both partners during intercourse. It can also help to extend erections.


The Tor 2 is a vibrating ring that fits over a penis or dildo to provide maximum vibration during intercourse or play. With a rechargeable battery that can last up to four hours, this device is designed for maximum pleasure.


This is a remote control vibrator for exhibitionistic and control play that can be controlled from up to twenty feet away. It also has a setting that allows it to vibrate along with the beat of whatever music is playing in the room.


This sex swing is designed for discretion as well as pleasure. When not in use, remove from the jamb and hide away in your closet or under your bed.


This positioning pillow has a washable cover and a vibrator pocket for solo or couples use.


This single-speed vibrator slips over the end of a finger for discrete fun anywhere. Easy to pack in a purse or cosmetic bag, so is great for fun on the go.


This kit is perfect for homosexual couples or hetero couples who are ready to bring male anal play into their repertoire. It includes two silicone dildos for double penetration pleasure.


This harness is designed for use with one or two dildos or a dildo and the wearer’s penis. This is perfect for couples who wish to experiment with dual penetration or for a man with ED to experience sexual pleasure with a partner, or lesbian couples who want penetration.

These toys can help with your combined or solo pleasure. Happy playing!