Connecting Sex and Stress

Too busy to get busy between the sheets? You may want to reconsider your position on that. Sexual intercourse has been shown numerous times to positively impact stress levels. Read on to see what science has to say.

* Happy hormones. Sex releases the hormone oxytocin in your brain. This hormone counteracts the effect of cortisol (which is linked to stress) in your brain. Oxytocin also helps lower blood pressure related to stress so it works double time.

* “Sexercise” away your stress. Sex is considered a form of exercise since it increases your heart rate, uses various muscles, and burns 5 calories for each minute of sexual activity. Numerous studies have shown that exercise of any sort releases endorphins, feel-good neurotransmitters, in your brain, which reduces stress levels. So this is a double whammy, you can cut your stress and increase your health.

* Relaxin’ with prolactin. After an orgasm, your brain releases prolactin, this leads to feelings of sleepiness and relaxation.

* Hump your way to health. Sex has been shown to decrease many health risks such as prostate cancer, breast cancer and heart disease to name a few. It can also decrease depression and pain and increase your immune system. Knowing all of the health benefits, how can you not feel less stressed when doing the deed?

So that settles it, sex is the answer to your stress! But wait, this presents a conundrum as stress can deliver a knock-out punch to your libido. How can you get it on if you can’t get it up? In both men and women, there are incredibly complex hormonal reactions at play in sexual arousal. FSH, LH, testosterone, and estrogen are all hormones that need to be in balance in order for arousal to occur. But when stress is present, the body shifts its focus to producing hormones such as cortisol, which helps the body address the stress. While all of these functions are involuntary, our minds do play a major role so there are deliberate things you can do to increase your libido.

* Try alternate relaxation techniques initially such as meditation, yoga or breathing exercises.

* Take care of yourself by eating properly, getting enough sleep and exercising.

* Certain supplements have been shown to increase libido. Try Vitamins B and E, zinc, arginine and citrulline.

* Talk to your partner about your difficulties. Sometimes just sharing the burden can help alleviate the stress.

* Seek professional help from your physician if needed. Your doctor can work with you on specific techniques to address any physiological causes and may prescribe medication as needed.

Don’t let stress get the best of your sex life, let sex get the best of your stress!

The Increasing Popularity Of Serial Monogamy

By definition, serial monogamy is when the person is in a relationship exclusively but for a limited time. Serial monogamy has become increasingly popular in modern culture. With an increasing amount of people giving up on the idea of a relationship lasting for the rest of their lifetime, it is currently more popular than marriage. Up until recent decades, marriage-i.e. going through the formal religious ceremony and expecting to stay with that person for the rest of your life- was much more popular in the. It is believed that serial monogamy is evidence of the natural human tendency to multiple sex partners, therefore making traditional marriage seem more unnatural.

Most people still hope that their relationships will last for a long time but unlike marriage, they’re open for it not lasting for the rest of their lives. Unlike serial murderers, most serial monogamists are not mentally deranged but rather, they simply have their own unique personality. Many, for example, complain about the “romantic ideology” of traditional marriage but eventually grow tired of the times when they’re single and looking yet again. According to Psychology Today, one advantage of serial monogamy is that, like polyamorous relationships it may be able to decrease the tendency to adultery. However, serial monogamy is comparatively rather non-committal.

It is reported that the pattern of serial monogamy often begins as early as the middle school. As early as then, serial monogamists tend to develop their pattern of always being in a relationship and never being single for very long. They seem committed when they are dating their partner but move on without much devastation after break-ups. However, it is still said that over 90 percent of the U.S. population still marries at some point in their lives.

One theory that social scientists have developed is that serial monogamists may be in love with the idea of love itself rather than in love with a certain person. This certainly does make a lot of sense as serial monogamists never seem to have the super-attachment to one person that is seen in monogamists.

So is serial monogamy worth pursuing? Maybe. Especially if both partners are okay with the idea of their relationship not lasting for the rest of their lifetimes. However, it will probably never work for everyone as people have individual relationship preferences and tastes. As a result, marriage will probably still remain preferable for those who are more traditionally monogamist.

Is Dating During Separation A Good Idea?

When love is on the rocks on the home-front, the immediate reaction many of us is to feel is the urge to go find someone new to be with. That need to find someone else can be a physical need, or it can be mental or emotional. Perhaps a combination of needs in many cases, is what leads the parties going through a breakup or divorce to consider seeking relationships with new partners. Before snapping into the reflexive way of addressing your feelings, consider what some of the potential downfalls can be of not taking some time to process the breakup as a single individual.

You are leaving a person, or perhaps a person is choosing to leave you. There is no questioning that there is going to be a void in your life and in the other person’s life for some time. Instead of filling that void with another person, consider the possible benefits of filling it with self-knowledge, enriching experiences and other positive activities. Then, after you can honestly say you’ve bounced back from the breakup as an individual and learned a lot about yourself, only then would it be right to think that you are in a position to avoid another difficult breakup like the last.

Now, also consider the new partner that you would be meeting. What does it tell them about you that you are willing to subject them to some really hard times by watching you and trying to love you as you experience such a wide range of often negative emotions? Does it not paint you as a slightly selfish person, in so far as you appear willing to gain comfort from a new person at the expense of that person?

Beyond the potential of getting off on a wrong-foot with your new partner, dating through a break-up can really strangle you as an individual. Would you not agree that the person you were prior to this last relationship is not the same person you are now? Even if you feel like you didn’t change and the other person is all to blame consider this: Don’t you want to avoid another heartbreak like the one you experienced? Without learning how you picked poorly last time or trusted too much, you’ll just repeat the same type of decision making about romance and end up in another painful bout of heartbreak. Only you can decide what is appropriate giving the details of your own personal situation. Decide wisely!

Successful Dating and the Science Behind It

The science behind dating success is something that people often wonder about. Many people who are presently dating would like to have their questions answered about this subject. They want to know if they can use the science to find out how to be better at dating and find the right partner for them. Many people also want to know answers to questions such as how to find the ideal partner for them personally as well as questions about specific methods of dating such as if using online dating services is right for them and what can be done to improve their odds of success on the dating scene.

Much of the science has been made clear in recent years. In general, the science indicates that it is possible to find the right romantic partner for just about anyone. However, the person looking for a mate must be willing to engage in intelligent behavior in doing so. In many cases, it helps to fully understand the requirements of dating before starting on a quest to enter the field. Someone who is looking for a partner needs to understand what they can do to maximize their chances of finding someone via the currently available methods.

One of the most important factors when dating is to be aware of the desired end result. Someone who wants to have a long term relationship with another person should be prepared to say so up front. Most relationships that are ultimately successful are those that are based on honesty. They should also be upfront about their looks, personality, educational background and finances to any possible dating partner. Honesty was shown to be perhaps the single most important characteristic of those who were able to find a mate and have a successful relationship after they had dated.

Therefore, someone who is planning to date should be totally upfront and answer all questions asked of them by their date. This includes telling the date about where they work, what they do and where they live. It also includes letting the person know about their own customs and cultural background when asked. People who were honest with others found that it helped the other person to like them and to want to continue the relationship they had begun while dating. This allowed each person to consider whether or not they would be compatible after their first initial date.

How I improved my love life with London escorts

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Life is all about love and sensuality for me, and I am so glad that I am in a position where I can enjoy the company of London escorts. I probably date more than most gents, but every date for me is a pleasure and I love the sensual feeling that a date gives me. Like so many other gents, I do have my regular escorts that I enjoy the company of but it can be tough. There are so many sexy London escorts, and I love to set up dates to meet new girls. The girls of London are simply the best!

The Top 7 Issues That Can Make The Bedroom Boring

Research suggest that 10% of married couples aged 36 to 55 are not having sex; even if it’s there, it doesn’t bring satisfaction like it used to do when the couple started dating. There’s lack of sexual fulfillment in their lives, and this may explain why couples choose to withdraw from it altogether.

Regardless of age, these issues may sound familiar to you and your partner. Maybe you’ve been trying to find a way of solving your bedroom issues but to no avail. If this is you, perhaps these 7 reasons that hinder a couple from having great sex will help you find your way back to a rockin’ relationship!

Top 7 reasons that hinder a couple from having a satisfactory and pleasurable sexual life

1. Your man is just not into it

Even if you’re in the mood, your partner’s engine may stall. He could be emotionally withdrawing from it, and the reason could be linked to the usual day-to-day issues between partners. He may also have a hard time expressing what he thinks. Or perhaps he wants you to be more adventurous in bed like what other men experience.

The right way to address this problem is to talk it out together without putting a blame on either side; avoid confrontation or he’ll clam up altogether.

2. Depression

An individual’s sex life tends to be affected by depression more than anything else these days. Depression takes away the desire even in the strongest of romantic relationships. You may take anti-depressants, but the effect may cause you to have a difficult time trying to orgasm.

If you’re taking a form of medication you feel is affecting your sex life, discuss with your doctor if they can recommend other treatment alternatives.

3. ”Viagra-ization”

The erectile-dysfunction drugs are now popular with young men just as they are with their older counterparts. Younger men want to enhance their performance, and once they’ve consumed a pill, they are ready to go, even when the woman isn’t there yet.

In this case, a woman will need to engage her man in non-threatening talks where she will discuss what she wants in bed and even in the play field. If you’re uncomfortable with your partner taking the drugs when not needed, discuss this with them as soon as possible.

4. Over-reliance on vibrators

Whereas there’s nothing wrong with having these toys in your sex life, they can get in the way if you over-rely on them. A vibrator may be easier to access than a cooperating penis; give this toy a preference and it will bring chaos in your home.

If you’re addicted to a vibrator at the expense of your love life, talk to a therapist about it.

5. You’ve reached pre-menopause

Hormones will change just before menopause. This stage in life leads to a decreased level of estrogen in women, and this can bring a few physiological changes. Your vaginal tissues may become less lubricated, and this converts to pain; painful sex is not fun.

The solution relies with talking to a therapist about the advantages and disadvantages of hormone replacement therapy.

6. You don’t love your body

The media idealizes sex so much that some women begin thinking they can’t have a satisfactory sexual life without having a certain body type. This can affect women especially after giving birth. The secret is to work at being a happy you, no matter what your size or shape. The happier you are with yourself, the more others will want to share their space with you.

7. You’re too busy

If you’re constantly busy and tired, you can’t have great sex. This applies to both men and women. To solve this, you will need a serious life management routine. Put time limits on everything you do so you can spare some time for sex.

Top 5 Ways To Get Your Sex Life Back On Track

Sex is the one word that evokes all kinds of emotions and reactions in adults. Love, anxiety, longing, tenderness and disappointment are all reactions that go with this term. Unfortunately, many couples today are in a sexual rut and do not seem to enjoy sex as much as they used to. For any couple finding the rut has turned into a ditch, this guide will highlight some of the best ways to help improve your sex lives.

Talk to Your Partner

Many couples cannot talk openly about sex. When they are hurt or experience sex related problems, all they do is halt any form of communication regarding the matter and ignore the issue. Talking to your partner helps you have better sex in two ways. First, communicating creates a stronger emotional bond; it also makes it possible for your partner to tell you what they really want in bed. Therefore, find time to talk to your partner and avoid being too critical. Above all, be honest.

Try New Things

Couples fall into a rut when sex becomes more of a routine. By trying out new things both inside and outside the bedroom, you can actually reignite your sex life. Simple ideas like changing the time when you have sex, role play and even trying new sex positions can do wonders for a couple. The small changes in the bedroom strengthen your bond and also make your partner appreciate what you can do for them to enjoy sex, leading to mind-blowing sex!

Good Health Is Crucial

Your mental, physical and emotional health all determine how your sex life turns out. Exercising improves sexual functioning, and the results are even better if you do it as a team. Remember, arousal depends on good blood flow and through exercise, you can be guaranteed of that. Other than just physical activities, cut down on smoking and alcohol and eat well. If the body is well, then your sexual life will also be more than well.

Do Not Ignore Sexual Issues

Just because you are suffering from erectile dysfunction does not mean that you cannot enjoy sex. Avoiding such problems only fosters inhibitions. Face these sexual problems head-on with your partner. Things such as lubrication determine how enjoyable the sex will be and suffering alone makes you resent sex. By tackling these issues, you will overcome the rut and it also helps your partner understand you.

Bring in the Fun

Bringing fun into your sex life can actually reignite the spark and help you enjoy it. No matter the time you have been together, there are fun activities that both of you can enjoy and thus help you bring the romance back into your lives. Think about being sensual, adventurous and creative. Some of the activities for this include watching an erotic film together, having a candlelit dinner or a sensual massage at home.

Sex is an important part of many successful marriages. With just a few simple modifications to your day-to-day routine you can get your relationship and sex life back on track.

10 Toys To Spice Up Your Sex Life

Toys are a great way to spice up your love life, but they can also help with problems such as sustaining erection or lack of clitoral stimulation, thereby turning an okay sexual encounter into a WOW! sexual encounter. Here’s a list of ten toys that can help with your pleasure, whether you’re alone or with a partner.


The We Vibe, with its sinuous design, was made to enhance clitoral stimulation during intercourse. It fits over the top of the vagina, with one end in and one end out, to provide both internal and external stimulation. It includes a charging base/storage unit as well as a remote control so that the vibrations can be controlled by either partner.


With a harness that straps over legs and waist, the dolphin is designed for maximum clitoral stimulation and minimum interference with intercourse.


Designed to fit snugly over a penis or vibrator, this ring has two vibrating “bullets” that can be positioned to either stimulate the clitoris and anus, or vibrate on the sides of the vagina for maximum stimulation for both partners during intercourse. It can also help to extend erections.


The Tor 2 is a vibrating ring that fits over a penis or dildo to provide maximum vibration during intercourse or play. With a rechargeable battery that can last up to four hours, this device is designed for maximum pleasure.


This is a remote control vibrator for exhibitionistic and control play that can be controlled from up to twenty feet away. It also has a setting that allows it to vibrate along with the beat of whatever music is playing in the room.


This sex swing is designed for discretion as well as pleasure. When not in use, remove from the jamb and hide away in your closet or under your bed.


This positioning pillow has a washable cover and a vibrator pocket for solo or couples use.


This single-speed vibrator slips over the end of a finger for discrete fun anywhere. Easy to pack in a purse or cosmetic bag, so is great for fun on the go.


This kit is perfect for homosexual couples or hetero couples who are ready to bring male anal play into their repertoire. It includes two silicone dildos for double penetration pleasure.


This harness is designed for use with one or two dildos or a dildo and the wearer’s penis. This is perfect for couples who wish to experiment with dual penetration or for a man with ED to experience sexual pleasure with a partner, or lesbian couples who want penetration.

These toys can help with your combined or solo pleasure. Happy playing!