For The Guys – Topics To Avoid On A First Date

First dates can be awkward enough without bringing up topics that your date would rather not discuss. The topics that you choose can either make or break the date, so you have to choose wisely.

Just imagine, you are out on a date with the woman of your dreams, and you bring up something you think would be funny or interesting. Your date looks away from you, trying to hide how uncomfortable your topic of choice has made her, and in that moment decides she does not want to see you again.

What did you do wrong? Well, here is a secret; there are things that women do not want to discuss on a first date. Learning the following rules could mean the difference between ending the night early or scheduling a second date:

Women do not want to hear about your past relationships. Do not compare your date to your ex, even if it is complimentary. Do not discuss how your ex broke your heart. This is the golden rule. No matter how tempted you are to discuss your ex, don’t!

Women do not want to hear about your wild escapades, no matter how funny or exciting you think they are. Women do not enjoy knowing how many alcoholic beverages you can drink before you pass out, how many drugs you have done in your life, or how many threesomes you have had. These stories should be left for another time, if they are to be discussed at all.

Women also do not want to hear about your financial difficulties. You might be struggling financially, but this is not something to discuss on the first date. If you decide to divulge this, be prepared for a negative outcome. Along these lines, do not discuss your living arrangements, especially if they are less than complimentary.
Above all, do not complain about anything. A first date is like a job interview, but with more potential perks. So, you need to put your best foot forward. You want to impress, rather than depress. You want to inspire, rather than discourage. You want to create desire, rather than disgust.

A first date does not have to be awkward, but what you choose to talk about can make it awkward and unpleasant. Choose poorly and you may have destroyed your chance. Choose wisely and you may be on the way to a second date.

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