Foreplay: Pointers For The Under-Educated

Just like food, different people have unique preferences when it comes to foreplay. Everyone should take note that it is not wise to force something that is clearly not working. It will not hurt any feelings if you asked, “Sweetheart, how would you like it?” Be very observant and know what turns your partner on.

Talk to your partner; not too much though. Speak to them teasingly and seductively. Let your partner know that you are in the mood and give them some time to adjust, then get up-close and personal. Invade their space without making them uncomfortable. Remember that your first move will determine the pace of the foreplay; it could last from a few minutes to all night!

Patience is important. Foreplay is an art comparable to a manual car; you have to know when to release the gas, when step on the clutch, when/how to change the gear and swiftly release the clutch and step on the gas. Timing is key. Do not be in a hurry to move to the next stage of the game if you are not done with the current move.

As every woman can attest, paying attention to the breasts is important. Caress them and do not be lazy, use both hands. Work with results, if you are doing it right you will get a reaction such as heavy breathing or heaving the breast upwards. Kiss them, nibble them, caress them and tease them. If you’re doing it well at one point the nipples will become stiff and hard. The same goes for men, and some men love having their nipples played with.

The secret of kissing is closing your eyes, easing into each other and allowing yourself to feel. Do not put too much effort into it; it does not need strength. You can choose to tease and nibble depending on how flexible your partner is. Do not use too much tongue at first, unless urgent demand is the game being played.

Target the points that make your partner tick. Try kissing his/her lower back, neck, and the back of the ears, abdominal areas or even thighs. As I said before; work with results. If it’s not working, ask.

Take control; be in charge. Do not always be on the receiving end ‘enjoying’ and doing nothing to return the favor. Make your partner know that you want them just as much as they want you. If you want them to do something let them know but do it methodically. Try something like, “Honey, let try doing this.” Compliment your partner where they are doing well not necessarily by saying it; a good response will do the trick or a simple seductive, “Yes, like that” will do.

There is no absolute manual for foreplay. The secret is achieving your goal; make him/her long or even ask for penetration. If you do it for too long it can become boring and tiring, also if you don’t perform long enough or do not do it at all, you might end up with some very uninspired sex.

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