Secrets To A Healthy Sex Life

Having a healthy sex life is being fulfilled while still playing it safe. This is the age of safe sex, so it is necessary to keep yourself sexually healthy by knowing who your partners are, utilizing all the appropriate precautions and being aware of how your lifestyle impacts other people. Being proactive about safe sex is part of having fun and enjoying a fully spontaneous lifestyle, but it also means understanding how to be healthy sexually.

Why is it important to have a healthy sex life?

Being sexually healthy is important, because transmission of sexual disease is a real danger and it can impact everyone involved. If one person spreads a sexually transmitted disease unknowingly, it can be passed on to multiple people in a very short time period. Once your sexual health has been compromised, it is something that will change your lifestyle and your sex life forever. Safe sex isn’t a game, neither is having a healthy sex life. So playing it safe, means taking into account several important factors and making sure that your sexual lifestyle is health optimized. Below we will discuss some tips on how to have a healthy sex life and still be able to enjoy yourself fully.

Use Contraception or Birth Control

If you are going to engage in no strings attached sex or the swinger lifestyle, then condoms are best to use for contraception. Sexually transmitted diseases are too easily passed around today, but anyone who wants to have fun the erotic way should want to play it safe with your life too. Even if your sexual activities are with a chosen partner or a few, unwanted pregnancy is another thing to consider, as well. Utilizing birth control is important, because nobody needs the complication of having children from a brief encounter or with a partner that is only around for the conception.

Getting to Know Your Sex Partners

This means more than just a room number and a cell phone. Your sexual health should be something that is checked by a physician every few months, especially if your lifestyle is particularly risky or promiscuous. Besides knowing that you are playing safe with your sex life, taking the time to really know your choice of partners helps too. Getting to know someone is important, no matter what level you plan on taking things to, so don’t treat anyone without respect sexually. Get to know them and let them know about you, so take time to talk about your sexual health together.

Casual Sex Doesn’t Mean Reckless Sex

In simplest terms, just having casual sex isn’t a free ticket to abandon all boundaries. Yes, safe sex allows for the exploration of inner fantasies, experiencing fetishes, and other deviations from the normal daily sex routines, but not recklessly. Casual sex should be engaged in with a level of understanding that everyone should treat their sexual partners. Part of sexual health is being honest and open about your sex choices.