The Increasing Popularity Of Serial Monogamy

By definition, serial monogamy is when the person is in a relationship exclusively but for a limited time. Serial monogamy has become increasingly popular in modern culture. With an increasing amount of people giving up on the idea of a relationship lasting for the rest of their lifetime, it is currently more popular than marriage. Up until recent decades, marriage-i.e. going through the formal religious ceremony and expecting to stay with that person for the rest of your life- was much more popular in the. It is believed that serial monogamy is evidence of the natural human tendency to multiple sex partners, therefore making traditional marriage seem more unnatural.

Most people still hope that their relationships will last for a long time but unlike marriage, they’re open for it not lasting for the rest of their lives. Unlike serial murderers, most serial monogamists are not mentally deranged but rather, they simply have their own unique personality. Many, for example, complain about the “romantic ideology” of traditional marriage but eventually grow tired of the times when they’re single and looking yet again. According to Psychology Today, one advantage of serial monogamy is that, like polyamorous relationships it may be able to decrease the tendency to adultery. However, serial monogamy is comparatively rather non-committal.

It is reported that the pattern of serial monogamy often begins as early as the middle school. As early as then, serial monogamists tend to develop their pattern of always being in a relationship and never being single for very long. They seem committed when they are dating their partner but move on without much devastation after break-ups. However, it is still said that over 90 percent of the U.S. population still marries at some point in their lives.

One theory that social scientists have developed is that serial monogamists may be in love with the idea of love itself rather than in love with a certain person. This certainly does make a lot of sense as serial monogamists never seem to have the super-attachment to one person that is seen in monogamists.

So is serial monogamy worth pursuing? Maybe. Especially if both partners are okay with the idea of their relationship not lasting for the rest of their lifetimes. However, it will probably never work for everyone as people have individual relationship preferences and tastes. As a result, marriage will probably still remain preferable for those who are more traditionally monogamist.